This multi-unit Mega Warehousing (large scale 24/7/365 operations) project is being proposed in a Light Industrial (LI) zoned property. Unlike any other LI zoned property in Harford County, the Mitchell Property is surrounded by residential properties supported by a single rural residential road. A significant majority* of Harford County mega warehouses are on General Industrial (GI).

Major Areas of Concern

  1. Mega Warehousing is inappropriate in Light Industrial (LI) zone
    1. The intended use of LI for “light” industrial activities was not for 24/7/365 distribution centers
    2. Distribution access through exclusive residential road infrastructure is incompatible with LI restrictions
  2. Mitchell Property zoning as LI
    1. The LI designation of the Mitchell farmland is inappropriate given the infrastructure, historical significance, and environmental sensitivity of the land and the surrounding community
    2. Counter to the Harford Next vision


If the Mega Warehouse Development cannot be prevented, then the following actions are recommended:

  1. Adequately identify and define use classifications and permitted uses so they meet the new development plans they are intended to manage.
  2. Review the application of use classifications and permitted uses in some zoning districts that have not been applied correctly.

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