3P Protect Perryman Peninsula Files Lawsuit

On April 24, 2023, 3P announced its decision to voluntarily dismiss its ongoing legal case against Harford County. This decision comes in response to the new administration led by County Executive Bob Cassilly, which appears to be shifting its stance on the controversial CREG/Mitchell freight terminal project.

On February 1, 2023, an amended complaint was filed in the Circuit Court for Harford County. The amended complaint added defendant Charles Maslin who owns the property the developer plans to use for project ingress and egress. The complaint also adds language to incorporate the latest round of plans submitted by the developer which escalate the intensity of the project. Finally, the amended complaint adds facts to support plaintiff claims for damages.

On June 7, 2022, 3P Protect Perryman Peninsula, LLC. along with 6 other plaintiffs brought suit against F.O. Mitchell & Bro. Inc., Chesapeake Real Estate Group LLC, Frederick Ward Associates Inc. and Harford County, Maryland.

Citing plans for an illegal freight terminal 3P and the other named plaintiffs have brought suit alleging an inexplicable violation of Harford County zoning laws in addition to both public and private nuisance.  The lawsuit, filed in Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County comes after nearly six months of working unsuccessfully with both the Glassman administration in the Harford County Executive Branch and the Harford County Councilmen Pat Vincenti and Curtis Beulah in the Legislative Branch. The lawsuit seeks to save the property values and protect the ownership interests of the other 1200 people who live on the peninsula with the Mitchells.

Read Full Amended Complaint (PDF)

Latest Litigation Updates

Case Number:

  • Harford County C-12-CV-22-000888 CLOSED (VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL 4/24/2023)
  • Anne Arundel County C-02-CV-22-000988 CLOSED

Litigation Documents:

  • 2023.02.01 Verified Amended Complaint – Verified Amended Complaint for Injunctive Relief and Declaratory Judgement and Private Action for Nuisance and Public Nuisance, with Compensatory Damages

Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County’s order to transfer the case to Harford County:

Defendants expert witness filings:

Defendant, Frederick Ward Associates, Inc. files motion to join defendant Harford County’s reply in support of motion to dismiss.

Defendant Harford County, Maryland files motion to reply in support of motion to dismiss.

Plaintiffs (including 3P) file opposition to the motions to dismiss by the defendants.

Defendant Chesapeake Real Estate Group, LLC (CREG) files motion to dismiss and request for a hearing.

Meet the Plantiffs

Thank you to our fellow community members for standing up for justice and demonstrating courage in this most important moment for the Perryman Peninsula. We salute you! 

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” ~Mark Twain

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