Perryman’s Path from Sacrifice Zone to Sustainable Community for a Healthier Chesapeake Bay

The Environmental Justice Report is the culmination of extensive research conducted by citizen scientists. It documents the longstanding environmental injustices in Perryman, including issues of air and water pollution, inadequate infrastructure, and the intersection of industrial development with residential communities. This report is a clear indictment of past and current practices and a clarion call for urgent reform.

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Turning the Tide

WBAL Radio Interview: The 3P Story

WBAL NewsRadio 1090’s Jayne Miller interviewed 3P’s leaders Paul Fallace and Leigh Maddox on Saturday November 11 at 12:30pm. The 12 minute interview tells the story of 3P’s fight to Protect Perryman over the last two years. 3P added video and pictures from the last two years to provide visuals to the audio to help showcase Perryman and tell this important story.

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3P Teal Train Spring 2024 Update

Many accomplishments and a bright horizon. Perryman – It has been a busy 18 months [...]

Harford County Leaders Rally Behind Mitchell Farm Horse Training Facility

In a resounding display of solidarity and vision, Harford County Executive and the Harford County [...]


Press Conference to Unveil Environmental Justice Report Set for February 1, 2024, in Annapolis

Annapolis, MD – 3P Protect Perryman Peninsula is proud to announce a critical press conference [...]

Amendments destroy intent of the warehouse zoning bill

On October 10, 2023 the Harford County Council passed the Warehouse Zoning Bill 23-026 as [...]


Perryman Peninsula featured in Baltimore Business Journal

Senior Reporter of the Baltimore Business Journal Melody Simmons featured Perryman Peninsula in the September [...]


Emergency Town Hall Meeting Planned to Provide Crucial Warehouse Legislation Update

On April 24, 2023, the grassroots 3P Protect Perryman Peninsula Coalition wisely chose to dismiss [...]

Perryman, MD: An Environmental Injustice

Short documentary created by Towson University student Delaney Mezan for her Environmental Justice Journalism class. The video documents the environmental injustice that has been occurring in Perryman for many years.

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1000 New Freight Distribution Jobs Doesn’t Cut It

Hear why the freight distribution jobs being promoted by the 5.2 million square foot Mitchell Farm “improvement” project are not worth the amount of negative impacts to our infrastructure and environment in Harford County.

Environmental Risk vs. Job Reward

Lauren Anderson details how 1000 proposed jobs over a 5.2 million sq. ft. freight distribution project doesn’t produce much “bang for the buck”. The project will produce 1 hourly waged job per 5,200 sq foot of freight distribution space.

Freight Distribution Job Saturation

Angie Lane describes first hand that the freight distribution industry can not currently fill all the open jobs. Almost half of the freight distribution employees come from outside the County.

Water Pollution Concerns Over Perryman Wellheads

Ron Stuchinski speaking at the Mar 1, 2022 Harford County Council meeting on how the freight distribution development proposed at the Mitchell Farm in Perryman could have damaging effects on the nearby Perryman wellhead that provides water to 30% of the the county’s residents.

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LI Zoning Doesn’t Fit Freight Distribution

Glenn Gillis explains at the Feb 1, 2022 Harford County Council meeting why the planned activity at the freight distribution development proposed for the Mitchell Farm in Perryman is not permitted in LI zoning.

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Inadequate Infrastructure for Freight Distribution

Brendan Patton speaking at the Feb 8, 2022 Harford County Council meeting on the threat to safety and EMT response times that will result from the building of more freight distribution facilities on the Perryman Peninsula without infrastructure improvement.

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Quality of Life Impacts

Kate McDonald speaking at the Mar 1, 2022 Harford County Council meeting on the disparate impact of the freight distribution development proposed at the Mitchell Farm in Perryman and requesting that county leadership adhere to their oath to protect the health and safety of all county.

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minutemen/women videos

Members of the 3P community have attended Harford County Council meetings since November 2021.

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