3P Teal Train Spring 2024 Update

Many accomplishments and a bright horizon.

Perryman – It has been a busy 18 months for 3P and its loyal supporters. After some very positive changes in our political leadership, with the addition of Jacob Bennett to the County Council and Bob Cassilly as County Executive, 2023 was the year of the Moratorium. Two Moratorium bills were passed by the County Council and signed by the County Executive. Then, the all-important Warehouse Reduction Bill limited the size of future mega-warehouse buildings to only 250,000 square feet in light industrial zoned land and strengthened the adequate public facilities (APF) wording in the County code. This requires roads like Woodley Rd to 715 to be completed before any new development is added to the Perryman Peninsula.

On the fundraising front, 3P has taken in over $173,000 since the start of 3P and the formation of the Steering Committee. We have had over 100 different donors join the 711 Acre Crew, and 500 donors contribute to the cause if you include tickets and purchases towards teal memorabilia & events like our famous teal hats, football pools, and bingo fundraisers. We even have thirty-one donors in the Teal Honor Club who have given over $1,000 over the last 2 years. These funds have been instrumental in continuing our payments to our legal representative, Rig Baldwin V of Baldwin Legal Group, for legal matters. Additionally, they support our lobbying firm, Evans & Associates, ensuring critical issues remain a priority. Such issues include the Truck Height Monitoring System and the incorporation of the Mitchell property into Maryland’s new horse industry training plans. This strategic focus keeps our initiatives visible and urgent for both local and state legislators and government leaders.

2024 has brought 3P some new challenges, including opposition to the 1501 Perryman Rd parking lot, one of the last green spaces on Perryman Rd, which allows for recharge to the Perryman aquifer wellfields. We are also engaged in a battle with the City of Aberdeen as the Mayor and City Planning and Zoning continue to extend their industrial footprint into Perryman with the Rutter’s Truck Stop project. This development is twice the size allowed in B3 zoning, featuring the largest and highest sign planned on Route 40, exemplifying another overzealous reach by untamed developers and non-elected planning and zoning personnel. 3P will not stand for this, and we are building a coalition with another new ally, Councilman Bill Montgomery, of the Aberdeen City Council.

We have also launched the 3P Environmental Justice Report, ‘Turning the Tide,’ statewide, including engaging discussions with policymakers at all levels and an initial press conference in Annapolis. This effort has involved presenting our findings to the Attorney General’s office, advocating for a formal investigation to address the injustices we uncovered. Through an interactive town hall, we not only disseminated our findings but also ignited a broader conversation about the importance of environmental justice. We will continue to highlight the ongoing injustices being felt and ignored in the Perryman community due to over-industrialization.

Our most recent legislative win was just passed by the County Council this March. The Truck Height Monitoring System, first passed in the State of Maryland back in 2022, has now been studied and approved for operation in Harford County. Relief from illegal truck traffic on Spesutia, Old Stepney, and Mitchell roads is finally within reach. We just need the County Executive and Council to allocate funds in the upcoming 2024-25 Budget to purchase new cameras, allowing this smart technology to assist industrial-stressed areas like Perryman. We are also advocating for funding for a new water study of the Perryman aquifers and wellfields.

The possibility of developing a horse training facility on the Mitchell farm property as part of a larger initiative to rejuvenate Pimlico requires a significant $400 million investment from the State of Maryland. This investment would facilitate the purchase of Pimlico and the transformation of nearby land into a state-of-the-art training facility to replace the current Laurel complex. Currently advancing through the Maryland General Assembly, if passed in April, the selection of the training facility will occur later in 2024. This proposal marks an important moment for Maryland’s horse industry and the broader community. It represents a strategic pivot away from the encroaching industrialization of Perryman, championing instead a vision that marries environmental stewardship with heritage conservation. Our commitment to transforming the Mitchell farm into a state-supported park, alongside the training facility, underscores our dedication to preserving the area’s natural beauty and ecological health against the backdrop of industrial pressure. As we track this legislative decision, our optimism is fueled by robust community support and a shared commitment to safeguarding Perryman’s environmental integrity for future generations.

Paul Fallace,
3P Protect Perryman Peninsula

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