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Harford County and Maryland General Election

The grassroots 3P Protect Perryman Peninsula has been active in attempting to reverse Harford County’s thirst of over-development and illegal application of the zoning code that favors developers over citizens. Specifically, we have fought to stop the proposed Mitchell Farm Mega Freight Distribution Complex in Perryman. We have attempted to work with the Harford County Administration and Council to do the right thing, but they have failed the citizens and sided with their out-of-county developer supporters.

Given the failures of local government, 3P has been asked by our growing base for guidance on how they should vote in the upcoming elections.

After speaking with candidates, and a thorough review and vetting process, 3P has determined who we believe are best suited to represent and act on behalf of like-minded citizens. Therefore, we are supporting the following candidates for the 2022 general election:

3P GENERAL ELECTION 2022 Recommendations
Position 3P Recommendation
Maryland Comptroller Brooke Lierman
State Senator, 34 Christian Miele
State Delegate, 7B Medford J. Campbell
State Delegate, 34A Steve Johnson
Teresa Walter
State Delegate, 34B Gillian Miller
State Delegate, 35B Teresa E. Reilly
County Executive Bob Cassilly
County Council President Wini Roche
Council District D Jim Reilly
Council District F Jacob Bennett


Brooke Lierman, Candidate for Maryland State Comptroller, Opposition Letter on the Mitchell Farm Project

Brooke Lierman, Candidate for State Comptroller Provided by Brooke Lierman on September 13th, 2022 https://www.brookelierman.com/ The proposal for a mega distribution center on [...]

Senator Bob Cassilly’s Statement on Proposed Mitchell Farm Project

Senator Bob Cassilly, Candidate for County Executive Provided by Bob Cassilly on July 17, 2022 I oppose the proposal that has been put [...]

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Wini Roche Letter of Support for Perryman

Wini Roche, Candidate for Harford County Council President www.electwini.com Provided September 9, 2022 I applaud the ongoing efforts of 3P, Inc. and the [...]

Jacob Bennett’s Statement on Perryman Peninsula

Jacob Bennett, Candidate for County Council District F Posted June 17, 2022 on Facebook The people of Perryman have been dumped upon with [...]

Christian Miele’s Position Statement on Proposed Mitchell Farm Project

Christian Miele, Candidate for Maryland Senate Posted June 23, 2022 on Facebook I am pleased to have earned the 3P endorsement for my [...]


Teresa Walter Letter of Support for Protect Perryman Peninsula

Teresa Walter, Candidate for Delegate 34A electteresawalter@gmail.com Provided September 10, 2022 I absolutely support the ownership interest of the fine people who live [...]

Delegate Steve Johnson, Statement on Perryman Peninsula Project

Delegate Steve Johnson, District 34A Provided on September 13th, 2022 I am all for owners property rights. However, I am opposed to the [...]

Gillian Miller Letter of Support for 3P

Gillian Miller, Candidate for Delegate 34B www.gillianmillercampaign.com Provided September 10, 2022 To the people of Perryman and its supporters, My name is Gillian [...]

Medford Campbell Letter of Support for 3P

Medford Campbell, Candidate for State Delegate 7B www.campbellforstatedelegate.com Provided September 12, 2022 If sheer will, determination, and organization were enough to obstruct this [...]

James Reilly Letter of Support for 3P

James Reilly, Candidate for County Council District D Provided September 12, 2022 As a candidate for County Council District D I fully support [...]

Delegate Teresa E. Reilly, Letter of Support for Perryman

Delegate Teresa E. Reilly, District 35A (Cecil and Harford Counties)Provided on September 14th, 2022teresareillyfordelegate.com After my recent visit to the Perryman Peninsula, I [...]

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Protect Perryman Peninsula (3P)

3P is a grassroots, community based organization, striving to correct the egregious and illegal developments in Perryman and throughout Harford County. Our top three priorities focus on the need to:

  • Stop further “Or” Block development not compatible with the existing zoning codes, environmental footprint and community wellbeing.
  • Amend the County’s development process and update zoning codes to protect Harford County rich heritage and quality of life.
  • Encourage community driven development, adequate infrastructure, land preservation and recreational facilities.

10 thoughts on “Vote 2022

  1. Jodi Lovell says:

    Thank you so much for your efforts. This development not only effects those who live in Perryman, but all of us who live near and value the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

  2. Anna ink says:

    Sad ! the council men who voted against helping perryman , will win again simply because of the large amount of people they know with their businesses . Just a fact . And not really fair ! They have done nothing spectacular to get that vote ! It is who you know , not what you know .

  3. Charles Creath McCormack says:

    I want to thank all the fine people who participate on the 3P committees and devote such time and effort to the benefit of all of Harford County. You are doing a spectacular job.

  4. Earle Prior says:

    I live in Abingdon and I will support the portion of this slate of officers that I can vote on. I just hope we can also replace Curtis Beulah in Country Council District A.

    • Avatar photo
      Protect Perryman Peninsula says:

      Vick, We can only speak knowledgably on Miele’s stance regarding the Mitchell Farm project and the County’s erroneous zoning in neighborhoods and environmentally sensitive areas. Miele has stood strongly with 3P since early this year and, without prompting, has provided a very clear position statement with his planned goals. Christian routinely contacts us asking for updates on the project. These are some of the reasons we have recommended Miele. Without more examples we can not comment on your statement regarding “anti everything”.

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