Teresa Walter Letter of Support for Protect Perryman Peninsula

Teresa Walter, Candidate for Delegate 34A
Provided September 10, 2022

I absolutely support the ownership interest of the fine people who live on the Perryman Peninsula. As a former homeowner on the Peninsula, I know and understand how unique and beautiful the area is, not just from a historical perspective but also from an environment and quality of life viewpoint. However, I oppose the development of the mega warehouse distribution center because it is neither reasonable nor rational, given the adverse impact on the quality of life the current industry has on the area as a whole.

It is difficult to understand how a mega warehouse distribution center will prove to be beneficial to the area, let alone the county when the current issues are not resolved when asked to be addressed by the residents in the Perryman community. The consequences of what is now located in Perryman are traffic safety issues, trash, noise, and roads that cannot adequately support the volume and size of the type of truck traffic required for the existing warehouses, to name just a few. This also has a domino effect and burdens the transportation infrastructure in the surrounding communities, such as Belcamp and Abingdon.

The mega warehouse distribution center planned for the Perryman Peninsula and the Abingdon Woods warehouse distribution center, which is currently under construction, is a recipe for disaster. The current transportation infrastructure in Perryman can’t support the volume of truck traffic so what would make the county think adding an additional mega warehouse distribution center is safe or less dangerous?

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