Delegate Teresa E. Reilly, Letter of Support for Perryman

Delegate Teresa E. Reilly, District 35A (Cecil and Harford Counties)Provided on September 14th, After my recent visit to the Perryman Peninsula, I have a better understanding of the community concerns with the proposal to construct more than 5 million square feet of warehouses on rural farmland. A facility of this size would generate an […]

James Reilly Letter of Support for 3P

James Reilly, Candidate for County Council District D Provided September 12, 2022 As a candidate for County Council District D I fully support 3P’s objectives. Stop further or block development not compatible with the existing zoning codes, environmental footprint and community wellbeing. Amend the County’s development process and update zoning codes to protect Harford County’s […]

Medford Campbell Letter of Support for 3P

Medford Campbell, Candidate for State Delegate 7B Provided September 12, 2022 If sheer will, determination, and organization were enough to obstruct this blatant over-development in the Perryman Peninsula, 3P would have won the battle long ago. Their opponent has endless resources, an army of attorneys and time. That 3P has been able to rally […]

Gillian Miller Letter of Support for 3P

Gillian Miller, Candidate for Delegate 34B Provided September 10, 2022 To the people of Perryman and its supporters, My name is Gillian Miller and I am running for State Delegate in District 34B, which is predominantly Abingdon, Bel  Air and some of Belcamp. I wanted to share my ongoing support for your advocacy and […]

Delegate Steve Johnson, Statement on Perryman Peninsula Project

Delegate Steve Johnson, District 34A Provided on September 13th, 2022 I am all for owners property rights. However, I am opposed to the County putting these massive projects in the middle of communities with no regard to quality of life or public safety. The Perryman Peninsula is a prime example. The County is trying to […]

Teresa Walter Letter of Support for Protect Perryman Peninsula

Teresa Walter, Candidate for Delegate 34A Provided September 10, 2022 I absolutely support the ownership interest of the fine people who live on the Perryman Peninsula. As a former homeowner on the Peninsula, I know and understand how unique and beautiful the area is, not just from a historical perspective but also from an […]

Christian Miele’s Position Statement on Proposed Mitchell Farm Project

Christian Miele, Candidate for Maryland Senate Posted June 23, 2022 on Facebook I am pleased to have earned the 3P endorsement for my run for State Senate in District 34. During the course of my campaign, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with thousands of Harford County residents and gather their concerns about both state […]

Jacob Bennett’s Statement on Perryman Peninsula

Jacob Bennett, Candidate for County Council District F Posted June 17, 2022 on Facebook The people of Perryman have been dumped upon with industrial freight terminals for over 20 years. This has created significant traffic issues, poisoned water wells, increased air pollution and strained local infrastructure. Now, the County government plans to dump on Perryman […]

Wini Roche Letter of Support for Perryman

Wini Roche, Candidate for Harford County Council President Provided September 9, 2022 I applaud the ongoing efforts of 3P, Inc. and the coalition to oppose the proposal for a mega distribution center on the Perryman Peninsula. This project is the latest evidence of the unchecked power developers have on public policy and land use […]

Senator Bob Cassilly’s Statement on Proposed Mitchell Farm Project

Senator Bob Cassilly, Candidate for County Executive Provided by Bob Cassilly on July 17, 2022 I oppose the proposal that has been put forth for an ultra-mega distribution center on the Perryman Peninsula as unfair to, and unsafe for, the other landowners on the Perryman Peninsula and a risk to a fragile environment. While property […]