Paving Paradise Part 8: If You Build It

Efforts to stall development on Perryman are set against the backdrop of expanding industrial transportation infrastructure and pro-development state policies. Calls to prioritize community concerns over industrial warehouse development continue. Read “Paving Paradise” Part 8 » This is part eight of nine in the Paving Paradise series by Gabriel Watson of The Commons. We will […]

Del. Mary Ann Lisanti Letter to Perryman Residents

Dear Perryman Residents: It has been my privilege to be your representative in the State Legislature and previously on the Harford County Council. Over the years, we have worked together to protect your drinking water, home values, and quality of life through master planning, capital budget allocations, and legislation. I appreciate your endorsement of my […]

Paving Paradise Part 7: Unequal People

Perryman and its adjacent neighborhoods have higher percentages of People of Color and people earning lower incomes.  Disadvantaged communities across the country experience disproportionate industrial development compared to more affluent and White communities. Read “Paving Paradise” Part 7 » This is part seven of nine in the Paving Paradise series by Gabriel Watson of The […]

Paving Paradise Part 6: Poison in the Wells

TCE is a cancer-causing legacy pollutant once used by the military as a flame retardant.  In February 1992, TCE was detected at two of the nine Perryman wells.  Poorly handled runoff from distribution centers could further enhance risk. Read “Paving Paradise” Part 6 » This is part six of nine in the Paving Paradise series […]

Christian Miele’s Position Statement on Proposed Mitchell Farm Project

Christian Miele, Candidate for Maryland Senate Posted June 23, 2022 on Facebook I am pleased to have earned the 3P endorsement for my run for State Senate in District 34. During the course of my campaign, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with thousands of Harford County residents and gather their concerns about both state […]

Paving Paradise Part 5: Infinitely Impervious

Freight terminal development and stormwater runoff impacts not only residents, but also the surrounding environment. What’s lost when distribution centers are built is the cropland, forest, and wetlands – crucial habitat for local flora and fauna. Read “Paving Paradise” Part 5 » This is part five of nine in the Paving Paradise series by Gabriel […]

You Can Help Protect Perryman in June

There are three important dates coming up in June where you can do your part to help Protect Perryman Peninsula. Tuesday, 21 June 7:30pm County Council Meeting The last County Council Meeting before the Council takes their self-appointed summer vacation in July & August. The Protect Perryman Peninsula team plans to present the Council with […]

Paving Paradise Part 3: Truck Trouble

The impacts of freight terminals on Perryman Peninsula are immediately evident, from trash to traffic.  The two-lane Perryman Road, the only major access to and from the peninsula, sees over 2,000 trucks and nearly 3,000 cars per day.  Traffic issues impact the ability for fire, police, and emergency medical services to reach the peninsula. Read […]

Paving Paradise Part 2: For Sale By Owner

For more than a century, the Mitchell family was the driving force of Perryman’s historic canning industry.  In 2015, the Mitchells sold 208 acres that is home to three freight terminals with another under development. Now the Mitchell family plans to sell an additional 711 acres in the center of Perryman that would house the […]

Jacob Bennett’s Statement on Perryman Peninsula

Jacob Bennett, Candidate for County Council District F Posted June 17, 2022 on Facebook The people of Perryman have been dumped upon with industrial freight terminals for over 20 years. This has created significant traffic issues, poisoned water wells, increased air pollution and strained local infrastructure. Now, the County government plans to dump on Perryman […]