You Can Help Protect Perryman in June

There are three important dates coming up in June where you can do your part to help Protect Perryman Peninsula.

Tuesday, 21 June 7:30pm
County Council Meeting

The last County Council Meeting before the Council takes their self-appointed summer vacation in July & August. The Protect Perryman Peninsula team plans to present the Council with as many full 3 minute speeches as we can of what they should be thinking about over their summer break. Standing up for citizens, their own retirement, resubmitting Moratoriums, etc. Please come out and sign up to speak. Let’s fill the room and give them something to ponder over the summer and make it a long night!

Tuesday, 28 June
Deadline to Change Political Parties

The most important position in Harford County to impact the outcome of the Mitchell Farm Project is the County Executive. The County Executive position will most likely be decided in the Republican Primary with the two leading candidates both Republicans. If you are a Democrat or Independent you need to switch parties by June 28th to be eligible to vote in the Republican primary. You can switch back for the General election as soon as the July 19 primary is completed. The Cassilly – Boniface race for County Executive is very close and every vote counts. Bob Cassilly has been a great supporter of the Perryman community with deep family roots past and present from Perryman. He is ready to upgrade the roads and helped on the State level to get permission for cameras on Spesutia Road for the truck traffic. He has been to our Teal Thursday events and most importantly has talked, and continues to talk, to the community to understand what is important to the people of Perryman. Boniface is still waiting for the County lawyer to give him permission to talk and he loves to eat cake and cut ribbons for new development.

Wednesday, 29 June 6:30pm-8:30pm
Perryman Townhall Meeting, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Get updates on what the 3P team is working on to stop the Mitchell Farm project. Hear from Rignal Baldwin V the attorney hired by 3P who sued in Ann Arundel Court to block the Illegal construction of Freight Terminal Distribution Centers on the Light Industrial Zoned Mitchell Farm. He will give an overview of the case and be available to answer questions for residents. See you at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 201 Mt Royal Ave, Aberdeen on June 29th at 6:30pm. Please bring your neighbors.

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