4P Perryman Peninsula Preservation Project marks its inauguration as a new nonprofit entity

On the auspicious occasion of Aberdeen’s Earth Day celebration, the 4P Perryman Peninsula Preservation Project, Inc. is thrilled to mark its inauguration as a new nonprofit entity devoted to ecological stewardship.

The organization’s formation is steered by an experienced Board of Directors, under the leadership of Ellen Cianelli, DVM, President. The team includes Danton Whitley, Vice President; Jim Walters, Treasurer; Brendan Patton, Secretary; Jason McDonald, Board Member and Janéa Williams, Board Member. Their collective expertise is committed to redressing past environmental wrongs in the Perryman Peninsula through engagement and creation of green community spaces.

Dr. Cianelli articulates the organization’s vision: “We exist to protect and cherish the Perryman Peninsula’s natural beauty and ecological variety. Our team is focused on securing, conserving, and cultivating these lands to enrich lives today and tomorrow.”

Building on this vision, Pastor Danton Whitley Sr. underscores the profound historical and cultural significance of these conservation efforts. “As we work to protect the soil of the Perryman Peninsula this Earth Day, let us celebrate not only the land beneath our feet but also the history it holds. Today, with the launch of the 4P Perryman Peninsula Preservation Project, we commit to protecting this sacred soil, ensuring that the heritage of Harford County thrives for generations,” said Pastor Danton Whitley Sr., assistant pastor of Refuge Temple COGIC in Perryman.

The organization proudly collaborates with the Community Foundation of Harford County, where 4P has established a donor-advised fund https://cfharfordcounty.org/our-funds/. This fund is already operational and ready to receive contributions to support our vital mission. The first generous donation of $4,000 has been provided by the Forest Greens Community Association (FGPCA), a deeply rooted organization founded in 1968. FGPCA’s dedication to neighborly relations, environmental stewardship, and community planning has been unwavering. With FGPCA dissolving, they have entrusted 4P with their remaining funds to sow the seeds of our future growth.

Following this significant contribution, members of 3P Protect Perryman Peninsula have demonstrated their commitment by donating just under $1,000. This further establishes the foundation of community engagement and support that is crucial for 4P’s success.

In celebration of our Earth Day launch, we invite the public to join 4P at the Earth Day Celebration at Aberdeen Festival Park. Come meet the Board of Directors and learn how you can support our cause on Saturday, April 20, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, in beautiful downtown Aberdeen. This event promises to be a wonderful opportunity for community members to connect with 4P, learn about our initiatives, and consider ways to contribute to the transformation of Mitchell Farm into a state park and our other future projects.

This is just the beginning of our journey towards preserving the natural splendor of the Perryman Peninsula for generations to come.

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