Harford County Bill No. 23-005

This emergency bill establishes a six-month moratorium on any approvals or permits for any development of any warehousing in five zoning districts in Harford County so that Harford County Government can study and reconsider its zoning and development regulations with respect to such facilities.

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Dear Harford County Council Member:

Bill No. 23-005, Emergency Warehouse Moratorium is currently awaiting an important vote. I am a Harford County resident and am alarmed with the extreme amount of industrial development occurring in the southern residential parts of the County. My concerns center around safe drinking water, threats to public safety, inadequate infrastructure, and runoff contamination of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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For all these reasons I believe a moratorium on warehouse development is necessary. I believe an extended pause should be taken to allow lawmakers and citizens time to understand the consequences of further industrial development in Harford County. Harford County has a pattern of not implementing the recommendations of studies put forth by legislative, scientific and community groups. For this reason, I believe it is very important to make sure any pause in development does not resume until such time as study recommendations are implemented.

Please consider my letter as a formal request for your favorable vote on this important piece of legislation. Your vote to support Harford County Bill No. 23-005, Warehouse Moratorium will benefit and protect those living and traveling in Harford County. Your efforts to stop mega warehousing near residential areas in Harford County is greatly appreciated.


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