Wini Roche Letter of Support for Perryman

Wini Roche, Candidate for Harford County Council President
Provided September 9, 2022

I applaud the ongoing efforts of 3P, Inc. and the coalition to oppose the proposal for a mega distribution center on the Perryman Peninsula. This project is the latest evidence of the unchecked power developers have on public policy and land use in Harford County. The increased traffic patterns of the 18 wheelers alone is unsafe for the community. I have visited the area numerous times. I have personally observed some disturbing sites at the traffic circle on Rt.159 and I have spoken to countless members of the community. The project threatens clean water and fragile green space on the peninsula we must stand up to protect.

While property owners should be allowed to use their properties as the lawfully designated zoning permits, in this case, the proposed use does not fall within the current zoning for “warehouses.”  The current zoning category for “warehouses” as described in the current zoning classification; cannot be fairly interpreted to include mega distribution centers.

As Council President, I will stand up to developers, work to require more green infrastructure in future projects and buffers to critical areas. I will advocate for bold ideas such the creation of a new access road into the peninsula and a new state park along the Bush River, which would include access to passive water recreation and other public amenities. Most importantly, this park would preserve and protect the peninsula’s natural resources while responsibly spurring economic activity along the Route 40 Corridor.

I offer my strongest support to  3P – PROTECT PERRYMAN PENINSULA.

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