Medford Campbell Letter of Support for 3P

Medford Campbell, Candidate for State Delegate 7B
Provided September 12, 2022

If sheer will, determination, and organization were enough to obstruct this blatant over-development in the Perryman Peninsula, 3P would have won the battle long ago. Their opponent has endless resources, an army of attorneys and time. That 3P has been able to rally their neighborhood and the county to this battle is nothing short of remarkable, a classic David vs. Goliath story. The problem is, it’s not a story it’s a nightmare.

What should be a small rural community surrounded by water and farmland has, due to over-development become an industrial dystopia with tractor trailers arriving and departing at all hours. The traffic, filth, congestion, gigantic warehouses, and environmental impact seem to be never-ending. When is enough, enough? The community is against the development and the politicians say they are against it. Harford County citizens need more than the obligatory community input session that’s part of every development plan. Citizen/neighborhood signoff should carry weight in the zoning/development decisions. The county needs politicians that will put as much energy into addressing the concerns of communities as they do tax revenue.

This fight has rallied the Perryman community like only a natural disaster can do and I stand with 3P.

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