Gillian Miller Letter of Support for 3P

Gillian Miller, Candidate for Delegate 34B
Provided September 10, 2022

To the people of Perryman and its supporters,

My name is Gillian Miller and I am running for State Delegate in District 34B, which is predominantly Abingdon, Bel  Air and some of Belcamp. I wanted to share my ongoing support for your advocacy and determination to stop the  overdevelopment in your community. I am against overdevelopment that is unsafe to the Perryman residents, wildlife, natural resources and infrastructure. Though I am not a Perryman resident, I am affected by the similarly unjust Abingdon Woods proposal. I recognize that your fight affects us all and requires everyone to stand united to enact change in our expectations of how our communities deserve to be treated.

I understand that land owners should be able to use their property however they please. I also believe this should have safety parameters on how the land use affects the landowners neighbors and surrounding environment. For years the Chesapeake Bay has been the center of our environment and crowned jewel of Harford County, yet this overdevelopment has overshadowed the importance of what the Chesapeake has to offer.

As a Harford County resident I frequent the Perryman area and am concerned for traffic safety and congestion that could be life threatening in case of an emergency on a peninsula. One way in-one way out with road congestion in a life or death emergency should be enough to cause the Mitchell family and the developers to rethink this proposed mega warehouse. A community is created by its community members and that requires care and compassion for all neighbors.

I have attended many council meetings with the people of Perryman and listened to your concerns continue to fall on deaf ears. The APG Bridge that to this day has not come to fruition, the lack of solutions from our county government and the nonchalant responses in regards to the effects on the residents of Perryman.  Once in office my goal will be to work to put safety guidelines in place so that Harford County residence no longer have to worry about unfair zoning laws that directly negatively impact our environment, infrastructure, health and safety. Times have changed and mega warehouses did not exist when the current zoning codes were recommended. It is time for us to update the zoning codes to reflect sensible environmental growth.

Stand Strong Perryman,
Gillian Miller
“Together We Can Be The Change”

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