Brooke Lierman, Candidate for Maryland State Comptroller, Opposition Letter on the Mitchell Farm Project

Brooke Lierman, Candidate for State Comptroller
Provided by Brooke Lierman on September 13th, 2022

The proposal for a mega distribution center on the Perryman Peninsula is not in the best interest of Harford County residents or the state of Maryland. This proposed development would also wreak havoc on Harford County’s pristine environment.

I strongly oppose this mega distribution center.

I am grateful for the work that 3P has done and is continuing to do to bring awareness about this project while building bipartisan opposition to it. Their work has led to important broader awareness of this troubling project.

The current zoning regulations should not be reasonably interpreted to allow this type of mega distribution center and there are currently no adequate plans to deal with the many negative impacts resulting from such a facility. These negative impacts will include heavy construction, continual truck traffic, ecological damage, and environmental degradation. Once a project like this is done, it cannot be undone. Therefore, it is imperative to halt it before it is too late.

The Comptroller plays a critical role in the approval of wetland permits as part of the Board of Public Works. We need a Comptroller who will impartially weigh the merits of issues and be an independent voice for the people.

The residents of Harford County and the Perryman Peninsula have reasonable and justified concerns about this mega distribution project, and I strongly support their efforts to ensure it does not move forward in its current form.

Brooke Lierman
Candidate for State Comptroller

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