Development threats in Harford County have raised concerns for our communities

Recently, development threats in Harford County have raised concerns for our communities. The failure to pass Bill 23-011 now leaves our cherished low-density areas, including Fallston, Benson, Forest Hill, and Hickory, at risk of high-density residential development. This endangers over 188 acres of B-3 land, originally intended to foster local small businesses, and threatens similar zones countywide.

Simultaneously, we are grappling with the warehouse sprawl. Our request for a 90-day warehouse moratorium was halved to 45 days, creating a precarious timeline for crucial legislation to be passed. While extensions provide some breathing room, the concern lies in a potential increase of warehouses in our neighborhoods, specifically in Perryman and Abingdon Woods, leading to decreased property values and ecological disruption.

These issues aren’t just about urban sprawl or warehouse development; they’re about preserving the quality of life in Harford County and the character of our communities. It’s about ensuring our infrastructure can adequately support growth and protect our unique local ecosystems.

As voters and concerned residents, we have the power to hold our elected officials accountable. The decisions they make now will impact our future landscape. Reach out to your County Council members, demand they consider the long-term impacts of their decisions, and urge them to support measures that protect the essence of Harford County.

The Council will reconvene on Sept. 5. Let’s make sure our voices are heard before then. #PreserveHarford #ProtectPerryman

1 thoughts on “Development threats in Harford County have raised concerns for our communities

  1. Joseph Gaydosh says:

    We are sick of all this development Harford county is getting so overcrowded you just put up 4 apartment complexes in hickory things need to slow down we don’t All of these people in our county

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