3P Protect Perryman Peninsula Pauses Litigation During Moratorium

Today, 3P Protect Perryman Peninsula, a grassroots organization focused on stopping further industrial development, protecting natural resources, and improving the quality of life of the Perryman community, announced its decision to voluntarily dismiss its ongoing legal case against Harford County. This decision comes in response to the new administration led by County Executive Bob Cassilly, which appears to be shifting its stance on the controversial CREG/Mitchell freight terminal project.

The 3P Protect Perryman Peninsula coalition has consistently maintained that the CREG/Mitchell development group and Harford County were illegally pushing the project forward despite it not being a permitted use under existing Harford County code. The coalition, along with its legal counsel and numerous named plaintiffs, has been fighting to stop the County from approving this project, which they believe to be illegal and detrimental to the community and environment.

Paul Fallace, president of 3P Protect Perryman Peninsula, said, “Through our lawsuit, we intended to gain judicial support for our argument and to stop the development, given that the previous County administration was not supportive of our position. However, under the new administration led by County Executive Cassilly, it appears that legislative and procedural efforts are underway that will favor our position and make clear that the proposed CREG/Mitchell mega distribution project is not permitted. Given this apparent shift in the County’s approach, the named plaintiffs and 3P have elected to pause the legal effort to allow the legislative process to move forward.”

Rignal Baldwin V, the attorney representing the organization, added, “We remain committed to protecting the historical, cultural, and environmental heritage of the Perryman Peninsula, and we will continue to advocate for appropriate land use, zoning, and development procedures. We will work with and closely monitor the County administration and legislators as they implement the needed changes. If further legal action is required, 3P stands ready to engage with anyone who attempts to flout Harford County’s zoning ordinances at the expense of  the Perryman Peninsula’s residents.”

3P Protect Perryman Peninsula urges community members to support their efforts by attending public meetings, voicing their concerns to local and state representatives, and spreading awareness about the importance of the environment, quality of life, traffic/safety and zoning in the Perryman Peninsula area. 3P remains committed to raising funds to support vital lobbying efforts and cover legal fees, as these resources have been instrumental in advancing our mission to protect the Perryman Peninsula’s unique and valuable resources.

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