Emergency Town Hall Meeting Planned to Provide Crucial Warehouse Legislation Update

On April 24, 2023, the grassroots 3P Protect Perryman Peninsula Coalition wisely chose to dismiss their lawsuit against Chesapeake Real Estate Group (CREG), Frederick Ward & Associates, Harford County, and the Mitchell property owners. The courageous decision to step back came as a response to the shifting political winds under the new leadership of County Executive, Bob Cassilly, specifically concerning the disputed CREG/Mitchell freight terminal project.

Since the brave enactment of the Warehouse Moratorium in March, both the Cassilly administration and 3P have been working tirelessly together. Their collective efforts protected Mitchell Farm and upheld the beauty and character of Perryman. Together, they successfully implemented two land use moratoriums, with the last set to expire in mid-October. During this intense period, Harford County also engaged in negotiations with CREG, suspended litigation, and conducted community visioning sessions, all aiming to keep Perryman’s integrity intact.

However, recent events have sounded an alarm. 3P now has grave concerns about potential backtracking from the County Executive. Bob Cassilly has presented a new proposal to 3P, a proposal that we, the community, view as fundamentally opposed to community values and outside current zoning laws. Despite 3P’s strong objections, draft zoning legislation bolstering the new proposal seems to have found its way to the Harford County Council.

We invite you to an Emergency Town Hall Meeting on August 30, 2023, at 6:30 pm at Refuge Temple, 116 Spesutia Road in Perryman. Bob Cassilly (County Executive), Pat Vincenti (County Council President), Jacob Bennett (County Council District F), Steve Johnson (House of Delegate District 34A), Mary-Dulany James (State Senate District 34), and other local leaders will be in attendance to listen and provide solutions to the mega-warehouses being proposed in Perryman and other parts of the County.Come and engage in vital discussions:

  • Receive the latest information on the warehouse legislation drafted over the summer.
  • Learn about the current plans for the Mitchell Farm freight terminal project.
  • Hear updates on meetings and community gatherings to help Protect Perryman.
  • Join in a discussion on other urgent matters affecting our community.

Remember, 3P dismissed their lawsuit in acknowledgement of the support from the Cassilly administration. Now, the stakes are higher than ever.

We must stand united. Together, we will explore this complex issue and craft a strategy to make sure Perryman’s heritage remains secure for future generations. Let’s ensure our voices resonate. With you, our elected officials, and fellow community members, we will take this decisive step to mold our future.

Together, we will protect the Perryman area and the County we cherish. Join us in this critical endeavor.

If you couldn’t make the meeting you can watch the full meeting video here:

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