Help Spread 3P Voting Recommendations

Hello fellow Protect Perryman Peninsula supporters!

As early voting gets underway tomorrow and we prepare for the general election on 8 November, 3P has an ask for your action…

In an effort to spread the word about the 3P recommendations for the upcoming election, we ask that each of our supporters spend at least 30 minutes over the next week telling our story and how we support certain candidates that we believe will work with us to stop the Mitchell/CREG project and help us secure the area for future park/recreational/historic/education facility.

Here is what we specifically ask:

  1. Review the information provided below and consider how you want to tell your story on the 3P issues
  2. Consider ways to spread your story to your community of friends and colleagues – for example, via email, FaceBook, Twitter, word of mouth, letters to the editor, etc.
  3. Push out your personal story through the method(s) of your choice and encourage the recipients to spread the word via their method of choice
  4. Follow-up and provide answers (or refer questions to 3P) to those that reach out to you
  5. VOTE

Should you have any questions or have suggestions, please reach out to

Thank you for your efforts and continued support!


Example message

Hello Friend:

I am an advocate for the efforts of the 3P Protect Perryman Peninsula coalition. They have been active in bringing light on Harford County and its developer’s plans to over-develop Harford County and reduce the quality of life for communities being targeted.

3P has developed and is implementing a comprehensive plan for stopping the Mitchell/CREG development plans and to help secure the area for future park/recreational/historic/education facility.  Ultimately, these effort will lead to fixing the flawed Harford County zoning and development process and emphasizing community needs over developers.

After failure by the existing elected officials to do the right thing, 3P has been asked by its community which candidates in the upcoming general election represent Harford County communities and citizen’s best interests.  After a vetting process, 3P is recommending the candidates listed below (more information to include support statements for the candidates can be found at

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