Momentum is Growing with Primary Victories

Please Give Now to Stop the Current County Executive and Administration from Doing More Environmental Damage in Harford 

Our grassroots 3P Protect Perryman Peninsula movement has gained significant momentum and had a very successful primary campaign season. While hope is in the air, we know November’s general election is still a long way off. The candidates we are supporting will not begin to govern until December of 2022 and/or January 2023. Once the primary election results are certified 3P will begin to reevaluate the candidates for the general election and will provide further recommendations for the November 8th election.

The ongoing and inconceivable devastation of Abingdon Woods has been terrible to witness. Horrifically, the Harford County lame duck administration is recklessly proceeding with the environmental destruction of sensitive areas of Harford County with the sole goal of building more unwanted mega warehouses and freight terminals. 

So there is much work to do. 3P’s top three priorities continue to focus on the need to:

  • Stop further or block development not compatible with the existing zoning codes, environmental footprint and community wellbeing. 
  • Amend the County’s development process and update zoning codes to protect Harford County’s rich heritage and quality of life. 
  • Encourage community driven development, adequate infrastructure, land preservation and recreational facilities.

State lobbying efforts and civil legal actions are critical and are still in motion. We need contributions to pay the $20,000 monthly bills to keep both moving forward and pay the legal teams doing great work to protect Harford communities. 

To do this, we need your help. Please consider giving today or make a pledge so we can meet our $20,000 bill in August and the remaining months of the year. Your support will keep the Teal Train on track.  Please consider joining the 711 Acre Crew today. Just like every vote matters; every contribution does as well. We need you friends. Thank you.

Join the 711 Acre Crew to Protect Perryman


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