Moratorium Vote Coming Within A Week

Ask your Councilman to please vote for the Moratorium to give the Perryman Community and Harford County some additional time to form a team of experts, politicians and representation from the community some extra time. A little time before the largest planned E-Commerce freight distribution project in Harford County history paves over a 711 acre farm. An area greater than 3 M&T Bank Stadiums all on one street, in one community.

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4 Reasons why?

1.      Drinking Water: In October 2000 Maryland Department of the Environment did a source water assessment for the Perryman Well Field.  In the summary it was determined the Perryman well field is the largest source for ground water in Harford County. The Perryman well field supplies 30% of the water demand to the total distribution system. (22 years since last assessment)

2.      Emergency Response Time: In the 1997 Master Plan when this area was Zoned Light Industrial a second entry/exit was designated via Woodley Road to Route 715. Since that Zoning change 10 Freight Distribution centers with 10 million Square feet of Freight Distribution buildings have been allowed to be built without the completion of that connection. The Fire Department representative on the DAC Committee has been warning that the response times to the Warehouses and Perryman community are not adequate since 2016 and a second entry/exit is required. DAC has not followed the advice for 8 years.

3.      Disparate Impact and economic Injustice to the lower income area’s south of I-95. The industrialization of the communities south of I-95 expose those communities to higher tractor trailer risk, higher pollution risk from industrial plants. Higher pollution risk from diesel truck fumes. Higher risk from truck accidents. Higher risk from trucks standing/parking not only on Route 40 but also rural roads like Perryman Road, Old Philadelphia Road and illegally driving down county roads not build for trucks like Spesutia Road. 25 years of Economic Discrimination.

4.      Historical Impact: The Perryman Community has been the native home of the Iroquois tribes of Susquehannock when Captain John Smith sailed into the Bush River in 1608. In 1671 St George’s Parish / Spesutia Church was established and is Maryland’s oldest Episcopal Parish. In 1920 F.O. Mitchell & Sons Inc harvested 200 tons of corn daily as Perryman and Aberdeen was a thriving canning Industry. Over 400 years of history needs to be preserved properly not paved over.

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