Veto Override – Perryman Peninsula Moratorium

Perryman residents received bad news today upon learning of the County Executive’s Veto of 22-003, Perryman Peninsula Moratorium. For months the County Executive has been refusing to meet with residents about the proposed development of the Mitchell Farm Property. The development, an illegal freight terminal and distribution center, is a prohibited use in the light industrial zoning designation attached to the Mitchell Farm. Recognizing this problem, Harford County Council members passed the Moratorium Bill by a unanimous margin of 7-0.

The Bill authorizes a summer study to explore the concerns expressed by hundreds of community members about the project and impacts on infrastructure, public health & safety and disparate treatment. Community members made compelling arguments about water contamination in lieu of a migrating chemical spill from APG in the drinking water; air pollution and the cancer risks associated with concentrated industry among established residential neighborhoods; and, public safety considering the peninsula currently has one way ingress and egress. The community also stressed the historically significant landmarks in the area and the impropriety of further marginalizing the poor and minority living in Perryman.

According to Harford County Code, The County Council must vote to override the Bill at the next council meeting or the Veto will stand.

“While we are disappointed with the Veto, we recognize it as just another example of the failure of leadership the County Executive has displayed with regards to the Mitchell Farm Project,” said Paul Fallace. “Our Coalition of citizens believes the County Council will do the right thing by Perryman Tuesday night.”

Send Your Request for an Override

The following email will be sent to all Council members. Simply enter your name, email, zip code and click the Send button.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Perryman but the submission period has ended. On 5/3/2022, the Council decided not to take up a vote to override the veto. The Perryman Peninsula Moratorium Bill 22-003 is not adopted.

7 thoughts on “Veto Override – Perryman Peninsula Moratorium

  1. Stephen J. Wiener says:

    I live just south of the round-about on Perryman Road. The current volume of truck traffic induces vibrations in my house which are bad enough that objects that I have on shelves will move.
    The noise that is created by some of the diesel trucks after 11 PM have awoken me on many nights. I can’t imagine more truck traffic on Perryman Road without a redesign of the road. It seems the road was never designed to support even the current load of truck traffic.

  2. Richard Greene says:

    The simple fact that Glassman has avoided contact with Perryman residents shows his cowardice. Stating that a 30 year old traffic study is appropriate for this massive project shows he’s either incompetent, or completely retarded. Maybe taking over 20k from the developers of this monstrosity has clouded his vision, or he really doesn’t give a damn about this area or it’s people. Shame on you sir…. SHAME.

  3. Sarah Wall says:

    Please do not destroy our historic community. The day and night tractor-trailer truck traffic is already unbearable…especially when they do not obey the 30 MPH speed zone directly through the housing developments on both sides of the road. NO MORE TRUCKS…PLEASE!

  4. Carol Nau says:

    Barry, What are you afraid of that you are unwilling to implement a moratorium and review the impact of the high intensity development?
    County Council, you must override the Barry veto!

  5. Marsha Tepper says:

    Please don’t destroy this small community. It will be a total disaster to the environment. Wildlife will suffer and also the health of the people living in Perryman. I am so disappointed in Barry Glassman! Over-ride this veto!!!!!!

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